Lust Beach – Part 2

Futa Lust Beach Part 2 animation poster

Illustrious, beautiful beach bodies, already pounding and bouncing, cry out over the ocean waves as their pleasure intensifies in Lust Beach – Part 2. Strangers can become quick friends when they join in on the fucking, and this punky beach stroller is bent over to become a bestie for life!

Continuing their debaucherous beach banging from Lust Beach Part 1, the fiery haired futa is sandwiched between two lovers, penetrating the newcomer with her aching shaft while she rides her exhibitionist fellow futa. The titillating trio can’t seem to get enough of each other, and soon their tempo speeds to frantic pounding before they switch positions for deeper leverage.

Caught in a whirlwind of busty weight and hot, tightening pussy, the desperate foundation of their beach fuck train grits her teeth and tries to hold in her load as her balls bounce heavily with every thrust. From every angle, the feisty female beach walker rocks harder, her massive rack swinging as she enjoys one of the greatest days of her life!

The raucous redhead tries to hold back, but their new friend crashes her ass down harder and faster still, willing that giant futa rod to give up what she knows it has for her. Finally, unable to contain it for a second longer, the sandwiched futa moans and shoots ropes, and the punky lady is there to lap up every drop, taking responsibility for draining the dick that brought her so much pleasure.

After a blinding, cum smattering facial, the ecstatic stranger cleans herself up and licks up every drop, but it seems that her new friends are just getting started, and their cocks wobble towards her expectantly, still pregnant with wave after ocean wave of futa spunk.

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