Yoga Class – Mental Expansion

Yoga Class - Mental Expansion

Morning yoga class flew by so fast that even Sue was surprised. Her body felt relaxed, but a couple of intrusive thoughts circled in her head and she told Mirna about this. Mirna, the yoga master, replied that she was just thinking about offering Sue a short yoga class. Of course, if she wasn’t too tired. The girl happily agreed and they got down to business. Mirna very skillfully explained to her partner what and how she should move. Sue was enjoying every single asana, and all the thoughts that bothered her vanished without a trace. But at the same time, she caught herself feeling every touch of Mirna’s body sparkled a warmth her lower abdomen and she begins to be excited. It was an amazing feeling, so natural and a little frightening. Sue felt her cheeks burning and her hands became very hot. And then Mirna looked at her closely and said: “Sue, I see great potential in you, your energy just fascinates me. I want to suggest that you move to a new level of physical and mental relaxation and show a completely different depth of pleasure. But for this we must get rid of everything that interferes and distracts you. Please completely undress. Are you ready to trust me?”
“Of course, master, gladly!” answered Sue and without hesitation took off everything from her body. The girls sat down in a lotus position to relax. Sue diligently tried to clear her thoughts, but the excitement from the anticipation of touching the naked Mirna was impossible to hide, her body was covered with shivers, and her pussy got wet and just burned as a fiery flower. But Sue concentrated more and she felt like she was flying. She opened her eyes and saw the most perfect dick in her life, or rather she saw Mirna stroking her cock. Sue froze with her mouth open…

Yoga Class – Mental Expansion Features

  • 9 minutes FullHD pics and animations video compilation in MP4 format
  • 19 high-quality looped GIF animations
  • 39 high-quality images
  • 39 FullHD pics with speech balloons

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