Every Whim – Oh Yeah!

Every Whim - Oh Yeah! Trailer

Meg and Lola, the two freshly transformed futa bimbos, have had a lot of fun testing out their thick new assets. The initial shock of having grown a cock so easily and naturally has started to wear off, but that doesn’t mean their excitement has. Both of them have already cum buckets, but their girly dicks are still plump and ready, pulsing from their first usage and already refilling for the next round.

The spa’s therapists, Brandy and Jess, continue to attend to their clients as they relax, but the high class futanari are far from satisfied with just sitting around. Thankfully, Jess and Brandy are fully prepared for this contingency, and, in fact, would be disappointed if it were otherwise!

The therapists are all too keen to coerce their clients into a second round, and who could blame them? What job could possibly be better for two self proclaimed sex addicts than catering to the whims of newly emerged futanari?

Meg and Lola have been friends for a long time, so the therapists are somewhat surprised to see the two go at it so voraciously. Meg can’t keep her hands (or lips) away from Lola’s aching shaft, but Lola isn’t as much of a pushover as she seems. The two friends indulge their lust, choking each other down, licking and tasting one another with hungry, almost virgin-like enthusiasm. They’re no strangers to sex, after all, but the poosibilites are limitless when you’re a futanari!

Every Whim – Oh Yeah! Features

  • 129 high-quality FullHD images with speech balloons in PDF and JPG format
  • 129 speechless images in PDF and JPG format
  • Girls piled on top of each other, deep throating, fingering, tit glazing, self facials…phew! The list goes on! You will not want to miss this tongue lashing, cum blasting sequel!
  • If you thought the first installment of Every Whim was hot, then part 2 is gonna blow your mind. This is a direct continuation of Every Whim – Really?

Sexy speech and dirty talks for this comic by Solitarycafe

Every Whim – Oh Yeah! samples media gallery

* Media size and quality reduced in samples gallery

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