My Personal Futa Trainer – Stretching

My Personal Futa Trainer - Stretching 3DX animation poster

Next episode of My Personal Futa Trainer Stretching 17 min. FullHD animation is here!
In the secluded, posh privacy of her luxurious backyard, Crystal begins her session with some rigorous stretching. As Lexi enters, already naked and natural as her client, she notices something peculiar waiting for her. Crystal has become quite comfortable with her trainer, and feels that it may be time to ‘give back’ to her, in very creative ways!

Crystal’s training has taken on new heights as she embraces her own eroticism and expresses her sexuality through advanced “stretching”. Meanwhile, Lexi settles her already wet futa pussy onto her ‘special present’ warming herself up in more ways than one. As the blonde poses languidly, lifting her limbs and folding expertly, her pussy quivers in anticipation as her trainer’s cries fill the landscape.

Crystal falls even further into her stretches, sprawling her nubile form over the mat in downward dog repeatedly as Lexi rides her exercise ball harder and faster. White knuckles gripping, the trainer gets so turned on, her cock throbbing harder with every second, that she may just go a bit overboard…

Thankfully, Crystal is at her limit, and her waiting holes are primed and ready to be stuffed to the brim. Lexi is already so worked up, however, she decides to tease her client with a slow, sensual ass-job, using the woman’s generous rump to drive herself even closer to an explosive climax!

Finally, neither one of them able to take it any longer, Lexi slides into her client’s ass, stretching Crystal out even further. She can’t last long, pent up as she is, and pulls out of the anal creampie to hose her favorite client with fresh girl cream!

Is it enough for Crystal? Of course not! The euphoric blonde turns to ride her trainer after a leg spasming orgasm, intent on milking every drop out that cum laden cock. Overwhelmed with pleasure, Lexi unleashes another load that’s twice as big as the first…but her favorite client is more than happy to help ‘share the love’ with a cummy kiss that tells the tale of Lexi’s greatest success story!

My Personal Futa Trainer – Stretching Release Features

  • 17:07 min high-quality movie in MP4 format
  • 260 high-quality matching images in JPG format
  • Special focus on muscle work animation aspect
  • Ultimate orgasmic body shakes
  • Explosive cumshots, messy facials and creampies mixed with jetty futa cum splashes
  • Professional sexy voiceover mix of AI and human
  • Stretching is fifth part of My Personal Futa Trainer Animation Series workout sessions.

My Personal Futanari Trainer Part 5 samples gallery

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