My Personal Futa Trainer – Story

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The lovely Crystal was doing just fine before her trainer came along: the envy of many and a proud, happy woman who enjoyed seeing the results of all her hard work. Still, it felt as if something was missing. Something fit, sexy, and thick…

My Personal Futa Trainer – Story is an origin story like no other. Sparks and liquid love fly when two legendary women meet, and Lexi is just the thing that the blonde needs to take her fitness game over the edge…and beyond!

As Crystal’s story unfolds, she explains her growing hunger and desire for Lexi. Soon, She is being personally trained up to degrees that she previously thought unobtainable. Home training sessions lead to a series of mind blowing sexual encounters that completely change Crystal: there is suddenly another reason to exercise!

The explosive, erotic adventure of a liftetime takes flight as Crystal’s new goal begins revolving around Lexi’s delicious futa cock. Yoga leads to unprecedented penetration, and Crystal takes it deep before hitting the bench press. The sessions blur as the bountiful blonde recalls being pounded ceaselessly, often while benching. Lexi takes her from the front, delving into her client with wild gusto, driving her into a frantic, sex fueled frenzy that always leaves Crystal begging for more.

Crystal’s home workouts become the secret to her fitness success, but her fans initially have no idea how much she loves to perform for her trainer! Anal from the back, flexible pounding from the front as Lexi balances on one leg, and ample creampies and body shots. Crystal has no qualms about using her feet and letting her trainer throat fuck her and cover her face… no part is off limits for the redheaded trainer, and Lexi is always sure to give her milky, heaping helpings of custom made, futanari protein!

My Personal Futa Trainer – Intro Part Features

  • 12:49 min FullHD movie in MP4 format
  • 135 high quality matching pics in JPG format
  • Sexy voices by talented actresses Marie Fasolt and Akuji Saito

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