Voyage – Part 2

Voyage Part 2 futa fuck girl 4K UHD animation poster

Her appetite whetted by the sticky futa love still smeared on her lips, the lusty blonde isn’t nearly finished with her endowed toy in Voyage Part 2. Gyrating her hips, she rubs her swollen, needy clit over that smooth shaft, taking her time to work both of them back up into a frenzy.
Finally, the blonde receives the object of her lust: once again getting her pussy stuffed by the precocious, redheaded futa, who is all smiles as she moans along with her riding partner.
Never passing up the chance to try something new, the blonde turns the reverse cowgirl into a doggy style variation, determined to do all the work as she pleases her well hung honey.
Feeling the heaviness of her impending load, the redhead becomes more aggressive, leaning upward to pound her lover’s hungry slit, moving in rhythm to the rocking of the boat as their tempo echoes across open waters.
Harder, faster and deeper still, the doggy style turns into an upside down slam fest! The redhead is losing control, her load boiling inside of her as the folded blonde gets tighter with every thrust. Within a moment, our female lovely is rewarded with an earth shattering climax and a cum injected cunny. Of course, our futanari heroine is so pent up, she can’t help but unleash a torrent of girl spray all over her slutty friend, and she keeps cumming even while her recent creampie deposit gushes!

Voyage 2 Release Features

  • 21:48 min fully animated video in 4K UHD MP4
  • 135 high quality matching pics in 4K UHD
  • Sexy voiceover by stunning mix of AI and human sounds
  • Juicy cumshots and body shaking orgasms
  • Check out first chapter full of juicy oral scenes in Voyage – Part 1

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