Lust Beach – Part 1

Futa Lust Beach Part 1 animation poster

Looking for some hot beaches? That’s exactly what our stacked protagonist finds in Lust Beach Part 1! Futanarica seamlessly blends exhibtionism, voyeurism and dickgirl on futa action in this 16 minute thrillride!

A lone beauty walks barefoot across cerulean sands, taking in the bright breeze. She dips her toes into the water, easing into a long, languid day of relaxation, but nearby…

Two fertile futanari are relaxing in a very different way! Breasts heaving in the sunlight, cocks pulsing with sunny virility. A top heavy redhead riding her punky lover: brazenly deepdicking on the beach. It seems that they don’t care who sees, and their exhibitive tendencies might just garner them a lusty passerby.
Spotting the devious duo, the dismayed woman’s pussy throbs. She can’t help but rub her juicing clit as she watches, but soon, watching won’t be enough…

The horny couple doesn’t mind as their excited guest asks to watch, and the redhead continues to ride reverse-cowgirl as her tight ass is lovingly fingered. Having shed all her clothes, the woman wantonly masturbates as copulating couple double down and fuck harder. Even so, as the bronze skinned voyeur watches, her fingers playing and slapping her aching pussy, she needs more still! And she isn’t shy about asking.

The futas are happy to invite their new guest and show her why the place is called “Lust Beach”. Riled and ready, both of them are ready to fire hot, creamy lotion in a blistering hot threesome scene that’s sure to be continued!

Lust Beach Part 1 samples gallery

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