Yoga Class – Tantric Sex Basics 4

Yoga Class - Tantric Sex Basics 4 3DX video trailer

Quiet, reserved, maintaining total concentration, Sue is split, literally, on the precipice of the most pleasure she’s ever experienced Yoga Class – Tantric Sex Basics 4. Mirna has control of every inch of her legs, not a single muscle twitching as she gently pushes her lover towards the edge of ecstasy…

Yoga has never been this much fun! Yoga class part 4 is far and above the most ambitious entry into the series yet. Flexible futa Sue is unprepared for how incredible the tantric session will unfold, she can’t hold in her spewing girl cock for long. Mirna, of course, is calm, keeping her chakras balanced as her soft tits are smothered in hot jizz. As a symbiotic team, even when both of them cum, Mirna filling that well worked out snatch, they’re both able to keep from falling, due to their extreme amount of experience!

This is not enough for them, of course. Caught in the heat and spiritual rhythm, Mirna can’t keep her own tongue away from her mouth watering dick, and soon she is fingering her quivering pussy, squirting fluid like no tomorrow as Sue settles down to fold her cock inward and fuck her own hole.

Unprecedented in its lewdness and elevated debauchery, the pair slip into tantric bliss as the whole class watches. Licking, self fucking, self sucking, until the world goes dark and there’s nothing left but infinite, universal pleasure.

This more than 30 minute entry will have you on the edge of your seat. Brimming with raw passion and masterful animation that only Futanarica can deliver, it’s as elevating as any yoga session, and will leave you craving even more futa enlightenment.

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