Every Whim – Really?

Every Whim - Really?


Two high class ladies, Meg and Lola, get wind of an exclusive new body transformation spa. The spa claims to be able to take people’s sexual and physical health to the next level: something no spa has promised before.
Understandably, Meg and Lola have their doubts, but the therapists, Brandy and Jess, assure them both that they are more than capable of fulfilling their every whim.
The two experienced deviants go through the process of ‘selecting’ their changes, amused by the sophisticated technology. Finally, after stripping down and receiving a nice, relaxing massage, the transformation begins…
Meg and Lola are in for the surprise of their life, when, lo and behold, their greatest fantasy starts becoming a reality right before their eyes! Suddenly, everything they’ve ever wanted is theirs for the taking, and after recovering from the initial shock, they set their sights on the two therapists…
Of course, Brandy and Jess are top tier professionals, and they are more than happy to lend a hand (and everything else) to their very satisfied clients. The Every Whim spa staff is equipped with all the experience and knowledge needed to satisfy anyone, particularly an eager, lust driven futanari!
With their practiced hands, the busty, nubile therapists help the two ladies get used to their thick, heavy new assets. Delighted with their newfound sexual freedom, Meg and Lola immediately adjust to their new bodies! When a lady finally gets the fat, cum filled cock she’s always desired, what else can she do but milk it into a tight, willing partner?

Every Whim – Really? Features

  • This series features futa transformation, blowbjobs, fucking, and of course, the signature cum excess!
  • Over 100 renders of beautiful, buxom beauties teasing and milking. If you’re already a fan, this set will not disappoint!
  • 108 high-quality FullHD images with speech balloons in JPG and PDF
  • 108 speechless images in JPG and PDF as bonus!

Sexy speech and dirty talks for this comic by Solitarycafe

Every Whim – Really? samples media gallery

* Media size and quality reduced in samples gallery

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