My Personal Futa Trainer Animation Series

There’s no workout like a futa workout, which Lexi proves as soon as she unsheates her monstrous cock from her tight pussy. She takes her job seriously and does everything she can to make her clients feel the burn… even if it’s because she’s dumping massive, sticky loads all over their bodies!

Plank Orgasm – part 3

My Personal Futa Trainer - Plank Orgasm animation poster

Ready to feel the flames of an intense workout? Crystal sure is! She’s choked down her trainer’s ultra fit dick, had her pussy demolished, and taken gobs of that creamy protein. There’s one particular exercise she’s been working up to, and now… she’s ready!

Beast Mode – part 2

My Personal Futa Trainer - Beast Mode animation poster

Even on a recovery day, Crystal can’t stop thinking about her personal futa trainer Lexi and yesterday’s private bench press workout on fresh air. She’s supposed to be soaking away the soreness from the day before, but it’s hard for a girl to focus on anything when even the memory of her training forces her to touch her sensitive pussy in the hot water.

Abs On Fire – part 1

My Personal Futa Trainer - Abs On Fire animation poster

If you love athletics, gobs of creamy futa cum and girls that won’t quit no matter how sticky and spattered they are, you’ll go crazy for this 21 minute animation! My Personal Futa Trainer – Abs On Fire starts hot and only gets hotter as these girls stretch, grunt, groan and cum until their routine is finished!

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