My Personal Futa Trainer – Upside Down

My Personal Futa Trainer - Upside Down animation poster

Overjoyed and excited to show off her new skills, Crystal displays her gymnastic prowess to her trainer. Lexi is impressed: her client has done extremely well, and is one of her most successful students to date, but the redhead won’t be satisfied with a mere display. Eager to begin the true lesson, Crystal tells the well hung woman exactly what’s on her mind, and Lexi leads…her throbbing erection already pointed in the right direction.

Completely inverted, her heaving rack already swollen from desire, Crystal opens her mouth as Lexi’s tongue settles onto her. In a euphoric, upside down 69, the blonde experiences some of the most intense pleasure of her life, becoming wetter with every lap and suck.

Not to be shown-up by her client, Lexi props herself up in turn, bending slowly and deliberately, her abs quivering as her rock hard cock positions itself over Crystal’s perfectly lubed pussy lips. Once she slides in, the blonde is transported to a veritable paradise of flexible fucking that reaffirms her reasons for starting the program in the first place.

Their pace becomes more frantic as they rush towards mind crushing climaxes, but Lexi takes the lead, grabbing her lovers’ hips and lifting her before thrusting vigorously. Their cries echo throughout the backyard as Crystal performs a deep back bend, and Lexi balances on one foot, pounding into that needy cunt until all of her backed up desire builds to an unstoppable, seemingly endless cum flow.

It’s another unforgettable session for Crystal, and even upside down, her craving for futanari cock is becoming more and more insatiable!

My Personal Futa Trainer – Upside Down Release Features

  • 13:00 min high-quality movie in MP4 format
  • 165 high-quality images in JPG format
  • Special focus on muscle work animation aspect
  • Ultimate orgasmic body shakes
  • Explosive cumshots, messy facials and creampies mixed with jetty futa squirting
  • Professional sexy voiceover
  • Plank Orgasm is fourth part of My Personal Futa Trainer Animation Series workout sessions.

My Personal Futanari Trainer Part 4 samples gallery

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