Futa Diary – Chapter 2

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At her new Mistress’ behest, Gizelle finds herself shopping for a slinky new outfit for her mysterious evening date. She’s never worn anything so sensual in her life, and as he stares at herself in the mirror, her cock goes rock hard, vengeful for not having been drained all day!

A burning lust inside of the needy girl causes her to try to let some pressure out in the dressing room, but her overly excited cock explodes with eye rolling pleasure, all over the mirror. Too embarrassed to stay, she runs away, unintentionally shoplifting while hiding in the bathroom.

Still, she’s so hard, and even the sound of two hot women in the bathroom cause her to fantasize and stroke herself off. After blasting yet another load, she heads home to get ready for her date, but has no idea what’s waiting for her.

A brand new sexual experience is presented to her: sex with another teen futa! Too shocked to say no, her cock goes granite solid immediately as Sylvie drops to her knees on command and opens her mouth wide.

With outrageous stamina, Gizelle pounds her new friend from the back and unleashes torrents of hot, pent up cum. Tessa may be a demanding dom, but she always gives her toys what they want, and Gizelle is learning that she may want far more than she thought!

Futa Diary Chapter 2 Release Features

  • 21:29 min fully animated video in 4K UHD MP4
  • 160 high quality matching pics in 4K UHD
  • The events of the story unfold in three elaborate locations
  • Sexy voiceover by stunning mix of AI and human sounds
  • Stunning juicy cumshots and body shaking orgasms
  • Watch previous incredible adventures of teen futa Giselle in Futa Diary – Chapter 1

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