My Personal Futa Trainer – Plank Orgasm

My Personal Futa Trainer - Plank Orgasm animation poster

So many times, Crystal has bent, pressed, planked and squatted. Every flare of pain, every stretch, every aching build up of toned muscle, has been for one purpose. Lexi’s pure, iron hard, cum laden futanari shaft in 3rd part of My Personal Futa Trainer – Plank Orgasm!

There is no time for foreplay: Crystal’s body is prepared as she falls to all fours and lifts her sumptuous rear skyward. The redheaded trainer is eager to see what her client has learned, and the blonde begins penetration with deliberate forward lunges. As she feels her ass being filled for a few precious seconds, she thrills at the prospect of more…and Crystal has plenty more to give.

In no time, the two can’t help but pick up the pace, growing more addicted to each other with every thrust. The fit femmes grit their teeth as moans of longing escape their mouths, and neither can stop themselves. Thrust after deep thrust, Lexi rails into her client’s ass, writhing, arching through the pleasure.

Tits bouncing endlessly in synchrony, the lecherous pair give in completely, muscles tensed, every fiber of their bodies tingling in pleasure and anticipation, until Lexi can no longer contain her love. Sweet, copious creampies follow leg shaking climaxes as Crystal experiences the culmination of her regimen.

Proud of her student, cock splashing waves of cream, Lexi uses her tongue in approval, desperate for the blonde to experience her hard earned reward. Available now on Affect3DStore!

My Personal Futa Trainer – Plank Orgasm Release Features

  • 18:09 min high-quality movie in MP4 format
  • 165 high-quality images in JPG format
  • Special focus on muscle work animation aspect
  • Ultimate orgasmic body shakes
  • Bewitching mix of dirty talks and workout motivators
  • Explosive cumshots, messy facials and creampies mixed with jetty futa squirting
  • Professional sexy voiceover
  • Plank Orgasm is third part of My Personal Futa Trainer Animation Series workout sessions.

My Personal Futanari Trainer Part 3 samples gallery

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