Futa Diary – Chapter 1

Futa Diary Chapter 1 futa teen dickgirl chat with older boss mom and fuck her in hotel 4K UHD animation poster

Frustrated, lonely and aching with sexual desire, Gizelle sits in front of her computer performing her favorite past time: diary entries!

Even as she types, she can’t help but feel the pressure of her pent-up load begging to be released. She strokes herself to completion, splattering her cum all over the floor…but it’s not enough.

It’s never enough!

A bright idea suddenly dawns on her: try a dating app! Unsure if anyone will be interested in dating a futa, she’s shocked by how many hits she gets…and lands a milfy lunker!

Things move fast, Giselle can hardly believe what is happening. After a date full of sexual tension and under the table teasing, she gets swallowed whole by the sexy Tessa… awakened in a way she never thought possible…

The needy nerd explodes cum all over her busty new girlfriend, pouring into her mouth and blasting almost endlessly as her previously virgin cock erupts. Missionary ensues, and Gizelle can’t stop cumming…and cumming…


All through the night, for hours and hours, Tessa has her way with the young, horny as hell nerd. Doggy, titjob: they all lead to monstrous cumshots as the beast inside the geek comes to life. Gizelle will be left breathless… and hungry for more in Futa Diary – Chapter 1.

Futa Diary Chapter 1 Release Features

  • 17 min fully animated video in 4K UHD MP4
  • 70 high quality matching pics in 4K UHD
  • Sexy voiceover by stunning mix of AI and human sounds
  • Juicy cumshots and body shaking orgasms
  • Watch next incredible adventures of teen futa Giselle in Futa Diary – Chapter 2

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