Yoga Class – Tantric Sex Basics 3

Yoga Class - Tantric Sex Basics 3. Vortex Of Halasana 3DX video trailer

Perhaps you are already bored waiting for the next incredible Yoga Class of extra-sexy futa yoga master Mirna with her advanced follower Sue? This Yoga Class – Tantric Sex Basics 3 Vortex Of Halasana have special focus on futa-on-futa sexual interaction in Halasana and Bhuja Vrischikasana asanas. Trust me, this is something breathtaking, incredible and previously unprecedented!

As you can recall from previous episodes (Yoga Class 1, Yoga Class 2 and Yoga Class Bundled), the energy of intercourse in a passionate kiss was so powerful that the consciousness of Mirna and Sue faded for a while. Time dramatically slowed down, although the girls perceived it as normal. But the followers around froze as if statues and Sue could see the radiance and overflow of their auras – what for them was just a sparkling moment, for Mirna and Sue was a calm river of peace and bliss.

Mirna shows Sue an exclusive blissful self-satisfaction technique with Halasana yoga asana. And then they merge in ecstasy in Prasarita Padottanasana which calms the brain and energizes heart and lungs. This will give them a huge boost of vital energy and Sue will learn to control her new musculine add-on before the next round of yoga class.

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