Voyage POV Edition

Voyage POV Edition futa fuck girl on luxury yacht in the middle of calm ocean 4K UHD animation poster

A gorgeous, white-clouded sky leads to a lazy sideways glance… marking the beginnings of a seafaring adventure with a twist in this Voyage POV Edition animation!
Well rested from a long tanning nap, our female protagonist leers longingly at her hung girlfriend. Within moments, the redhead’s cock readies for yet another round in the sun, admiring her hardness through her big, tanned tits.
A moment of pussy play leads to a POV blowjob. This lucky futa just loves to behold her cock-hungry lover’s smile as she’s teased and pleased to a relatively early climax!
From the playful blonde’s point of view, it’s almost like starting down the barrel of a spyglass…that’s filled with spunky love! Back and forth between futa and girlfriend alike, a load gushes like a breaching whale, cascading down in a delicious oral creampie.
But how could a futa cum only once with such a hot lover humping her still hard cock? First person cowgirl quickly leads to reverse thrusting: top down shots and ass-crashing action fly across the screen as the boating beauties bounce towards their inevitable climax.
Swinging tits, and wild upside down, ass-grabbing thrusting lead to mind blowing undercarriage shots and spewing body spray! Stroking out every last drop, both girls will agree that this is the best voyage they’ve ever embarked on!

Voyage POV Release Features

  • 21:15 min fully animated video in 4K UHD MP4
  • 203 high quality matching pics in 4K UHD
  • Sexy voiceover by stunning mix of AI and human sounds
  • Juicy cumshots and body shaking POV orgasms
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Voyage POV Edition Samples Gallery

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