My Personal Futa Trainer – Leg Day

My Personal Futa Trainer - Leg Day futa fuck girl workout in gym animation poster

My Personal Futa Trainer – Leg Day is sixth part of tremendous My Personal Futa Trainer Series!

Already past the limits of social propriety, Crystal’s calves and thighs undulate under the weight of both the machine and her nubile trainer. Exercising naked makes her pussy gush with excitement, and every ounce of burn is translated into pure pleasure as she drools over her trainer’s dangling cock.

Moving on to barbell squats, Crystal grits her teeth and groans as she lowers herself over and over on Lexi’s throbbing shaft, feeling her pussy stretch as she clutches the weight. Every thrust is a tease, and soon she craves the thickness in her ass while she moves into lateral overhead raises. With every pump and grunt, Lexi feels her client’s ass squeeze around her, and she’s unable to keep from dumping a massive load in Crystal’s ass.

Barbell squats are next on the agenda, and Lexi hasn’t lost hardness in the slightest as she lays on her back and gets the show of a lifetime. Her libido in overdrive, Crystal drops slowly, balancing the weight between her shoulders as her luxurious pussy is filled. The squats start slow, but as always, Crystal’s dripping cunny begs for more, and her speed increases along with her passion!

Lexi might think she’s trained her client a bit too well as her big cock goes off, uncontrollably throwing wads of lady jizz all over the gym as she trembles with unfettered pleasure. Determined to finish her workout with a bang, Crystal drops to her knees and keeps sucking her trainer, post orgasm, stroking and teasing, being absolutely sure that she remains Lexi’s favorite client!

My Personal Futa Trainer – Leg Day Release Features

  • 18:15 4K UHD movie in MP4 format
  • 78 high quality 4K UHD matching pics in JPG format
  • Special focus on muscle work animation aspect
  • Explosive cumshots, dripping wet creampies and body-shaking orgasms
  • Sexy voices by mix of talented human and AI actresses charged by spicy bodily sounds

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